Gender Questioning

Exploring Gender: Dressing in Male Clothing

Hey, guys!

Today I wanted to share my experience about yesterday’s gender journey. For the first time ever, I wore all male clothing (a plaid shirt, dress pants, and sneakers). 

The first thing I want to share is the mental shift I had. It was as if the time passed, and you know, I also felt more like a male as the time passed. It was rather interesting. I even forgot my birth name, or rather, it didn’t feel natural. My voice shifted to a lower tone, and that shocked me. 

Then there were the reactions. 

My mom didn’t like my shirt because it was too baggy around the sleeves. She had no idea it was a men’s shirt. However, she didn’t ask me to change. That was a shocker. And then my grandmother found my shirt to be nice. She’s more supportive, but blindly supportive. And the best part was while I was at work. People didn’t say much of anything. It made me feel powerful. 

The next gender journey I’ll have is tomorrow. I’m taking my extensions out today, and… I’m getting my hair cut to a boy’s length. I’m calling it “going natural” because it sounds more stealthy than what my true intentions are. Don’t worry; I’ll share pictures with you and see what happens. 

I shall talk to you next time! 

Peace, love, and good vibes! Hope you have a nice day/night!  


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